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Club Officers 2023-2024

President-.Bob MacMullan

1st Vice President.-Dean Nelson

2nd Vice President.- Stephanie Griesinger

3rd Vice President – Vacant

Secretary - Nate Lindall

Treasurer- Cathy Elke

Lion Tamer- Deidre Peterson

Tailtwister - Heide Henry

Scholarship - Jim Weygand

Vision - Lori and Chris Jerome

Publicity - Kristy Mock & Stephanie Griesinger

Membership - Marvin Grimm & Durk Peterson

Gaming Manager - Deidre Peterson

Gaming Manager Assistant - Kris Eklund


Board of Directors (9 positions):

President - Bob MacMullan

Immediate Past President - Kristy Mock 

Vice President - Dean Nelson

Treasurer - Cathy Elke

Gambling Manager - Deidre Peterson


Additional Board Members (2 year terms):

2022-2024 (Term thru June 2024) - Heide Henry, Bill Buckingham

2023-2025 (Term thru June 2025) - Durk Peterson, Thad Lawrynk


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