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XV Soggy Bottom Golf Tourney

We would like to announce this year's XV Soggy Bottom Golf Tourney recipient, Zack Bonnema. The Carver Lions appreciate your support as we help this family through their difficult time.

Zack Bonnema is 31 years old, married to Barbie and has two young children. Zack has been with the Chaska Fire Department for nearly 14 years and is currently the Assistant Fire Chief. He is also a part of the Carver County Fire Academy and has trained fire department members across Carver County, including our own Carver Fire Department.

In late November, Zack went in for a colonoscopy after having a few months of stomach pains and problems. What the family didn't expect was the news that afternoon. "So you definitely have cancer." Zack is at stage 3b and chemo is necessary; because it is high risk.

Please read his story and to buy tickets or donate, use the link below:

You can mail in donations to: Carver Lions Soggy Bottom, PO Box 268, Carver MN 55315. Must be postmarked by Tuesday, January 23. Checks made to: Carver Lions.

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